About Us
The Team
At Robison, Belaustegui, Sharp and Low, we operate in a unique team environment which allows us to provide national law firm services, while still offering Nevada affordability. We have successfully represented clients in complex litigation matters where the opponent has been represented by large national firms throughout the United States. We are large enough to compete with any firm and small enough to do so in a practical and personal environment.

When we represent you as a client, not only will you work with one of the top attorneys in our region, but you will also get the backing of our entire team of experienced staff and paralegals. On any given case or project, there may be numerous members of our firm working together, each contributing their specific expertise to your legal objectives.

With our economy facing unprecedented challenges, we are sensitive to the changing needs of our clients. We know you deserve the highest level of representation, but you also need the confidence that we will be able to perform our services recognizing the budgetary necessity for efficiency.

Because of our leadership and reputation in the industry, we are able to attract top legal talent to our firm. We take special pride in the level of excellence provided by our staff. Many members of our staff have been continuously employed with our firm for over twenty years.

Our clients have enjoyed great success through our firm's services, and these victories and achievements are a direct result of a high caliber team devoted to the client's cause.
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