About Us
The practice of law at Robison, Belaustegui, Sharp and Low resides at the intersection of competition, compassion, preparation and respect for the process.

To a person, we are highly competitive in nature. Our competitive instincts transcend our profession and are evident in our recreational and personal lives. Litigation is a highly competitive area of law. We enjoy the challenge.

Compassion is indispensable. Our clients are confronted with the colliding and conflicting interests of preserving their rights and entitlements without wasteful and counterproductive legal maneuvers. We stay focused on the clients' interests with the intent to navigate the client through the tumultuous and stressful aspects of litigation.

There is no substitute for preparation. At Robison, Belaustegui, Sharp and Low, you as a client, are an indispensible component of the team concept. Cases are typically won or lost because of the contrasting degrees of preparation.

Civility and professionalism are essential to meaningful dispute resolution. Without respect for the process, the players and the objectives of the legal system can be viewed as an unnecessarily acrimonious and wasteful process. We pride ourselves in resolving substantial disputes with civility, professionalism, and unmitigated respect for the process.
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