Areas of Focus
There is simply nothing worse than getting into a courtroom and suddenly realizing you hired the wrong attorney. That realization will not occur if we are your litigation counsel. The result of any lawsuit can be predicted by how successful the trial team works with the client and the client representative. Litigation is a specialty in law which very few attorneys have mastered. There is a distinction between litigation technicians and trial lawyers. We are not intimidated by the trial process.

We consider the art of advocacy the cornerstone of our professional existence. Verbal and written communicative skills are crucial components to mastering the burden of persuasion in the courtroom. We are continuous students of the art of persuasion using modern technology and jury research as instruments of advocacy. There is no substitute for aggressive yet ethical representation in the courtrooms and in the adversarial forums of today's business world. Our firm has successfully litigated throughout the Western United States in State and Federal Courts and appellate courts in the State and Federal systems. Today, litigation is a matrix of civility, professionalism, creativity, hard work and a keen sense of competition. We pride ourselves in the success we have had in litigation involving:

We know of no other Nevada litigation firm that has received as many verdicts for punitive damages in business litigation as ours.

This firm has obtained verdicts and judgments for our clients in excess of $600 million. This combined total of verdicts and judgments is a testament to the seriously dedicated advocates employed in our firm and it is probative of how seriously we approach litigation matters.
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